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Old School Signage: Alder Creek/Mutau

Another of the lost Santa Barbara NF enamel beauties, this one at the junction of the now-abandoned upper Alder Creek trail and Mutau Creek route, 1968. Mt Pinos district stalwart EmSub and his hearty team have worked the tree-littered Mutau … Continue reading

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Station to Station No. 6: Thorn Meadow Guard Station

Sometimes, I wish this building would just get bulldozed, or finally go up in smoke. Better that than suffer the ignoble crawl toward decrepitude to which the clowns subject it. Thorn Meadow Guard Station, 1950s. Image courtesy LPNF Archives. But … Continue reading

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Lookout! No. 13 Santa Ynez Peak

Another of the myriad of lookout towers set atop Los Padres points in 1934 (see Cuyama Peak and Thorn Point as examples), the Santa Ynez site is now — like its long-lost bethren — dominated by communications arrays. The 30′ … Continue reading

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Old School Signage: Santa Cruz Trail

During VWR training back in January, this sign hung above one of the meeting rooms’ threshold. Another gem; thankfully it’s been spared.

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