Old School Signage: Return to the Graveyard

On St. Patrick’s Weekend 2013, the Expat and I — joined by Li’l G and Little Man — headed back into the sign graveyard under the auspices of the US Forest Service to document the old signage there.

The Expat will surely post his work in time, but submitted herein are some of Li’l G’s photos from the excursion. Enjoy!


Dutch Oven Sign

Buckhorn Road Sign No. 1

Buckhorn Road Sign No. 2


Don Victor Trail Sign

And the requisite flowers …

Testing the New Macro Lens


3 responses to “Old School Signage: Return to the Graveyard”

  1. G’s photography shown in this post is outstanding; she has an impressively creative eye. My shots from the day do not live up to her standard.

  2. The wilderness ranger in that area started making the signs from steel, so they would survive fires and bullets better than the wooden signs. I recognize those signs. Are they still up, or have they been replaced?

  3. When is the Los Padres museum going to open?

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