Old School Signage: Alder Creek/Mutau

Another of the lost Santa Barbara NF enamel beauties, this one at the junction of the now-abandoned upper Alder Creek trail and Mutau Creek route, 1968.

Mt Pinos district stalwart EmSub and his hearty team have worked the tree-littered Mutau trail several times in the wake of the Day Fire (see some photos here and here), but the upper Alder Creek route (from the lower junction above the East Fork confluence to the Mutau junction) has fallen off the official maps.

Miller_Alder Creek/Mutau Trail, 1968

Thanks to fellow Scouter and Arrowman Dr John M. Miller for sharing this great image.


5 responses to “Old School Signage: Alder Creek/Mutau”

  1. Porcelain… Not enamel.

    Otherwise, good stuff!

    1. Well that begs a real question, then … what’s the difference? Clearly the signs are steel underneath. So aren’t they enameled signs? Would porcelain imply they’re solid porcelain?

      1. A quick read on the topic leads me to believe the signs are, in fact, both … “Porcelain signs are thin sheets of metal coated on all sides with a durable glass, bonded at a high temperature. These signs were then coated with enamel to further protect them.” So perhaps in this case both terms are accurate.

        (from http://www.ehow.com/how_8491168_determine-sign-porcelain-painted-metal.html)

  2. Porcelain vs. enamel vs. porcelain and enamel: This is now, very sincerely, my all-time favorite on-line discussion on any topic, carried on by two of the finer gentlemen of my acquaintance on- or off-line. Given that my Internet reading and posting extends back to Usenet rec.backcountry (and other fora) vintage 1988, this discussion stands out in a rather extensive contextual history.

  3. Anthony Avatar

    THANK YOU FOR THIS PICTURE! I have this sign!

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