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Old School Signage: Santa Cruz Trail

During VWR training back in January, this sign hung above one of the meeting rooms’ threshold. Another gem; thankfully it’s been spared.

Little Pine Santa Cruz Mission Pine

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2 Responses to Old School Signage: Santa Cruz Trail

  1. Nico says:

    So this is another one of the black and white porcelain signs?

    My dad has a couple that are black and white like this (from other forests) as opposed to the more common green and white ones from the same era. He’s been trying to find out why some are green and others black (from different years, factories, etc.). No answers yet.

    The green ones seem to be much more common whatever the case.

    • craig says:

      Good point, Nico. My mediocre photography doesn’t show it well, but this was definitely a green and white sign. I’m not sure I’ve seen any from Santa Barbara/Los Padres NF in the black.

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