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“Literary Gumbo” Appearance

Sometimes the wilderness doesn’t present enough danger and/or excitement, and so a brother needs to brave elements of society. I did just that last week, roaming the streets of Santa Barbara (I even found a nice survey monument from 1917), and then stopped by the studios for a chat with “Literary Gumbo” host Fred Klein.

(And yes, yes … I know I fumbled the San Rafael Peak v San Rafael Mountain part. At ease, Beeman/Dr Map/Cowboy!) 😉

Literary Gumbo: Craig Carey from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “Literary Gumbo” Appearance

  1. bardley says:

    hey, you look just like an avatar i’ve seen!
    a challenging interview – you came across well. congrats.

  2. Steph says:

    You rock, Craig!

  3. I’ve been reading the book just as my standard reading in the place of my usual plethora of murder mysteries, weapons manuals and plant i.d. guides. I don’t use Ambien or Lunesta to get to sleep (that’s what the weps mans are for…) and I use Carey’s new book in the place of coffee or viagra. The thing has added years to my life…honestly I don’t need a young girlfriend or red sports car.

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