“Literary Gumbo” Appearance

Sometimes the wilderness doesn’t present enough danger and/or excitement, and so a brother needs to brave elements of society. I did just that last week, roaming the streets of Santa Barbara (I even found a nice survey monument from 1917), and then stopped by the studios for a chat with “Literary Gumbo” host Fred Klein.

(And yes, yes … I know I fumbled the San Rafael Peak v San Rafael Mountain part. At ease, Beeman/Dr Map/Cowboy!) 😉

Literary Gumbo: Craig Carey from Literary Gumbo on Vimeo.


4 responses to ““Literary Gumbo” Appearance”

  1. bardley Avatar

    hey, you look just like an avatar i’ve seen!
    a challenging interview – you came across well. congrats.

  2. You rock, Craig!

  3. Yeah Craig!

  4. I’ve been reading the book just as my standard reading in the place of my usual plethora of murder mysteries, weapons manuals and plant i.d. guides. I don’t use Ambien or Lunesta to get to sleep (that’s what the weps mans are for…) and I use Carey’s new book in the place of coffee or viagra. The thing has added years to my life…honestly I don’t need a young girlfriend or red sports car.

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