Condor Call June/July 2012 + Errata

The new issue of the Sierra Club’s Condor Call carries a short piece I wrote for the “Soaring the Los Padres” column, detailing the history of Madulce Cabin. Check it out here (see page 5).

Errata/Ed. Note: I did not write the photo caption (you can tell because it uses the word “literally”), and certainly would not have used the word “arsonist” to describe the individual who (admittedly) set the cabin aflame. But that’s another story for another time … when we dig even deeper into Madulce’s history.

Madulce Cabin Prime


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  1. The caption in Condor Call was sub-optimal and the crop of the photograph was clumsy. The article, however, was well done and a valuable bit of enlightenment for the readership. So the fact that you wrote the piece and the Los Padres Chapter Sierra Club published it is very much a net gain. Madulce looms large in my personal mythology so I am looking forward the “deeper dig” into the history of the place referenced in this blog entry.

    1. Cheers, Expat. I can forgive the photo cropping, as I will concede the file I sent wasn’t quite square (scanned at the archives from an old curled print with rock-hard glue on the back that wouldn’t allow it to go flat). I take consolation in knowing the story has reached more readers and a good crowd to boot … and of course I look forward to continuing Mission Madulce.

  2. Sweet little piece and photo. Hope you put together more of these sorts of posts/articles. Are most of those photos in the archives not digitized? If not they need to be.

    1. None of them are, Jack — aside from those I’ve scanned for my own nefarious purposes. 😉 As times allows (and it hasn’t of late) I’m cleaning up the scans I have made and (re)submitting them to the Forest Archaeologist with an index so at least a portion of the images are in digital form. There’s some great stuff; some of my favorites can be viewed at

      Thx for dropping by!

  3. It’s small little signage but it leads you to a cool cabin.

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