Old School Signage: Yellowjacket

(No, the Other One)

For those who dig deep into the southern Los Padres backcountry, numerous diamonds in the rough remain. Yellowjacket (or Yellow Jacket, and no, the other one) shines especially bright among them.

A shout-out of gratitude to the Three Kings — a hearty trio of backcountry explorers (known by mere non-LP mortals as Messrs. Roth, Simantob, and Umansky) with a penchant for exploring the lost corners of our forest — for sharing this image.

Yellowjacket Camp Sign No. 1


One response to “Old School Signage: Yellowjacket”

  1. Is this the Yellowjacket north of Reyes creek that Gagnon describes in his book or ‘the other one’?

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