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  • Diamond in the Rough: The “Other” Yellowjacket

    Diamond in the Rough: The “Other” Yellowjacket

    It’s been a standing joke for some time ’round these parts — how there are in the toponomic scheme of things on the southern Los Padres a bevy of like-named locations. Early in this site’s life I poked fun at the numerous Sycamore Canyons, Oak Canyons, Pine this-or-that. San Rafael Mountain vs. San Rafael Peak.…

  • Old School Signage: Yellowjacket

    Old School Signage: Yellowjacket

    (No, the Other One) For those who dig deep into the southern Los Padres backcountry, numerous diamonds in the rough remain. Yellowjacket (or Yellow Jacket, and no, the other one) shines especially bright among them. A shout-out of gratitude to the Three Kings — a hearty trio of backcountry explorers (known by mere non-LP mortals…