Lion Canyon Trail Project

National Trails Day on the Ojai District

It’s summertime! That of course means the miles are few for me and the uber-hund, but that hasn’t kept us from the Los Padres. Lately we’ve been getting our volunteer on!

Early last month, the Ojai Ranger District of the Los Padres NF celebrated National Trails Day with a great turn-out and some great work achieved along the upper stretch of Lion Canyon. A water diversion project, brushing, and an ambitious section of trail clearing in the upper mile or two make for a veritable highway along this stretch.

DAW-G and Skunk Bait and I were lucky enough to have the day open, and so fell in with the great crew that included Jasonn Beckstrand, Don Jackson, Carol Day, and other long-serving forest volunteers.

There are a number of groups coordinating projects across the Los Padres: the LPFA, ForestWatch, Santa Barbara Outdoor Volunteers Meetup crew, and other organizations are all putting the hours in to help the USFS keep these routes open. It’s a never-ending battle, but new blood is always welcome!

Following are some photos from June’s worktrip, led by Heidi Anderson of the Ojai RD.

Grab a McLeod and get out there!

"Bring it," quoth the Skunk Bait

Not an Armchair to be Seen

Skunk Bait, DAW-G, and some bandito

ojai 003_posse

ojai 002_upper brushing

ojai 001 water diversion


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