dispatches & explored: March 2013

Old School Signage: Santa Cruz Trail

During VWR training back in January, this sign hung above one of the meeting rooms’ threshold. Another gem; thankfully it’s been spared.

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Old School Signage: Return to the Graveyard

On St. Patrick’s Weekend 2013, the Expat and I — joined by Li’l G and Little Man — headed back into the sign graveyard under the auspices of the US Forest Service to document the old signage there. The Expat … Continue reading

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Diamond in the Rough: Three Pines

“Went to the shelf and dusted off the [six-eight]!” It’s been a long while since I’ve gone on walk-about specifically to root out a diamond in the rough. They’ve long been a staple of things here in the dungeons of … Continue reading

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Kennedy Ridge and the East Camino Cielo, Redux

“Who is the man coming down your block?” Much time has been spent poking around the Kennedy Ridge and East Camino Cielo routes of late, and I’m happy to report another recent Sunday during which we enjoyed yet more idle … Continue reading

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