Sunday Picnic

You don’t own the green pines
so be careful where you lean

On a recent warm Sunday, the Captains Adventure of Troop 201 led an intrepid posse of lady mountaineers up to Pine Mountain with the intent to hike up to the old Reyes Peak lookout site and generally enjoy a day of high-country exploration.

Upon our arrival at Pine Mountain campground we stopped to assemble the troop(s), and I casually mentioned that the rocks immediately up the slope to our south was a popular bouldering area.

Naturally, we ended up spending the next 4 hours scrambling, climbing, and “generally enjoying” the heck out of the area local climber-folk know as “The Picnic Area,” and never got around to visiting Reyes Peak (next time!).

Ladies of the Rock

Following are some clips, stills, and outtakes from our most excellent day. These girls put the “out” back in scouting!

And the Dogs Cried Treed!

Obligatory Smiles


Victory is Mine!

Monkey in the middle


HRH and Guard

Looking for two hawks HRH and I had spied earlier

Tight Fit

Captain on the Rocks, Redux

Making the Rounds


From Pine Mountain, I bid the scouts adieu and the uber-hund and I headed for Grade Valley to rendez-vous with a rag-tag crew of Los Padres wanderers.


2 responses to “Sunday Picnic”

  1. David Stillman Avatar
    David Stillman

    From the looks it those ladies had way more fun than they would have on ole Reyes. Good choice on picnic rocks.

  2. Cheers DS, and you’re quite right. They loved it.

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