The Four Horsemen: Prelude

Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder,
“Come and see!”
And I saw.
And behold … a black dog.

Chula Vista Potrero No. 2

If one day I found myself and the uber-hund standing at the end of all things, there are four southern LPNF treks I’d specifically regret not having done.

Whilst the posse’s TDL is an ambitious-to-the-point-of-being-ridculous multi-page dossier of hand-scribbled notes, pipe dreams, and super-impractical expeditions with clever *cough* monikers (eg, The Riddler, The Brutalis, “Borrachoclypse Now,” District Division Bell Curve, “Get Behind Me Satan,” etc.), the four of which I speak are viable (though not necessarily easy) routes that stood as actual official USFS trails in generations past.

Monumental To-Do List

And so on the final week of 2011, after the crew had enjoyed a leisurely evening beneath the cedars at Upper Reyes during the annual Boxing Day escape, we headed beyond the Cuyama headwaters for a little preliminary recon. The initial scouting yielded promising intel for the First Horseman.

Lighting the Fuse

As the Expat is wont to say (in a hiking-related context), “the game is afoot.”


2 responses to “The Four Horsemen: Prelude”

  1. Chrys in ChiTown Avatar
    Chrys in ChiTown

    What exciting treks you share with us! I’m jealous! If you come to Chicago I could trek you to the location of the Valentine’s Day massacre, the Biograph Theatre where John Dillinger was gunned down, and the alley at the Thorndale Red Line L stop where a gang member killed another gang member just last week……did I mention that I’m jealous of your treks?

  2. Oh my. You little tease. . .

    This is sounding good. Real good.

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