Lookout! No. 3: Frazier Mountain

Third in a Series

Frazier Mountain

One of the five remaining lookouts in the southern Los Padres, this dilapidated tower is now dwarfed by neighboring communication towers. Built in 1934, the lookout replaced an earlier structure atop (you guessed it) Frazier Mountain (named for William T. Frazier, an 1850s miner in the area).

The tower is accessible via the Frazier Mountain Road, heading up the mountain from near the Chuchupate ranger station. The road to dirt after Chuchupate campground and  is typically open April to November. It’s passable via passenger car, but something with a bit more clearance is recommended.

As with the Thorn Point tower, one can still explore the interior of this old relic.

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Frazier Mountain Lookout No. 3

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