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  • The Accidental Tradition: Nordhoff Lookout

    The Accidental Tradition: Nordhoff Lookout

    Sequels seldom live up their predecessors, but I’m happy to report that trend was bucked this past October. So let me rewind a bit here. Just over a year ago, I led a crew of my intrepid Cub Scouts for a microtrash clean-up atop Nordhoff Peak, under the auspices of the US Forest Service. Condors…

  • Return to Cuyama Peak

    Return to Cuyama Peak

    Some time ago, I posted a short history of the Cuyama Peak lookout. Since then, I’ve visited the site a few more times after its 2011/2012 collapse and also uncovered some additional historical images of the old lookout. Madeye Bags Cuyama Peak, Fall 2013. Hauling I-beams to the Peak, 1934. Image courtesy LPNF Archives. Madeye…

  • Lookout! No. 13 Santa Ynez Peak

    Lookout! No. 13 Santa Ynez Peak

    Another of the myriad of lookout towers set atop Los Padres points in 1934 (see Cuyama Peak and Thorn Point as examples), the Santa Ynez site is now — like its long-lost bethren — dominated by communications arrays. The 30′ K-braced tower with the classic C3 cab commanded outstanding views of the Pacific and —…

  • Lookout! Thorn Point, Redux

    Lookout! Thorn Point, Redux

    After a fine day of bouldering and general forest revelry atop Pine Mountain with Troop 201, the uber-hund and I parted ways with the lady mountaineers and headed into Grade Valley.