Three Days of the Chumash: Prelude

“You miss that kind of action, sir?”
“I miss that kind of clarity.”

Most wanderers of the southern Los Padres don’t mind admitting they have a favorite stretch of the forest. The Sespe, the Dick Smith, the Sierra Madre, the Sisquoc.

Accordingly, I’ve not made it a secret the Chumash Wilderness and San Emigdio badlands rank high on our list … and so ZK and I decided it was way past time for the first Chumash trip of the season.

Alpha Expat
Don’t Call it a Comeback

While we got our gear sorted, it was with the keen senses born of decades wandering the backwood that the Los Padres Expat heard on the wind the call for red-bearded raconteurs to assemble. He thusly braved inclement weather, Midwest travel woes, and all sorts of things befitting an early Zeppelin viking epic to appear on the steps at our usual rendez-vous point, ready to wander the woods with us.

It was on.

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