Old School Signage: Roblar | La Carpa | Sespe Gorge | Cuyama

Along the road heading in to Potrero Seco guard station; image courtesy the LPNF Archives.

Signage approaching Potrero Seco Guard Station, 1927


2 responses to “Old School Signage: Roblar | La Carpa | Sespe Gorge | Cuyama”

  1. That is very old signage. I love to see this kind of stuff preserved. Although I must say that even from your picture which is clear and close to the sign, it’s pretty difficult to read the bottom sign. It just goes to show you that design was as good and as bad back then as it is now.

  2. Anthony Avatar

    I have a porcelain sign that references, Big Pine, Madulce Pine, Roblar Canyon & Potrero Seco, is that nearby?

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