Metamorphic Rock Talk

An actual conversation
As ZK and I hiked southward along the abandoned Toad Spring OHV trail (#105), the resident science officer mused aloud:
“This whole area is a metamorphic playground.”
Never one to miss an opportunity to use my one half-way decent geology pun, I quip: “Well, I promise I won’t take it for granite.” (Ha, I’m so funny.)
“Of quartz you will,” ZK responds. (D’oh! A new one!)
Eager to stay in the game, all I can come up with is “You know, I getting tired of your schist.”
And without a pause, he retorts: “What, you think I should be gneiss-er?”
Ugh … I can’t compete with that. Nolo contendre.
Mt Abel, Ahoy!


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  1. My sediments exactly.

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