The Soft Shoe

This past weekend ZK and I headed up to Mt. Piños for a pretty lazy two days of snowshoeing and general slacktitude. We based out of Chula Vista (always nice to have one year-round site available) and wandered a few of the ski/snowshoe routes atop the mountain.

Knoll Loop Trail No. 2


The crowds on Saturday were as bad as one might expect — illegal parking, litter everywhere, the usual. They all vacated the premises ~1600 hours that afternoon, and then things were more to our liking. Quiet but for the winds that came tearing through camp late that night, and empty but for a pair of Scouters enjoy a bit of winter camping.

The next day dawned with a whimper, the clouds and sleet/rain keeping the crowds to a bit more tolerable level. We shoed off from the Nordic Base and the potrero off-trail a while to just enjoy some solitude beneath those massive Jeffrey pines that stand sentinel over this corner of the Los Padres.

Chula Vista Potrero No. 2

Chula Vista Potrero No. 1

Chula Vista Potrero No. 3

Maybe we’ll try to break a sweat next time ’round.


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