Month: January 2014

  • Return to the Pines

    Return to the Pines

    “My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me Tell me, where did you sleep last night?” In the winter of 2013 (you know, back when this stretch of the Los Padres still received on occasion this thing we once called “precipitation”), Trailmaster Cobra, the Cubmaster, and Bardlero Primero and I enjoyed a day trip to…

  • Old School Signage: Yellowjacket

    Old School Signage: Yellowjacket

    (No, the Other One) For those who dig deep into the southern Los Padres backcountry, numerous diamonds in the rough remain. Yellowjacket (or Yellow Jacket, and no, the other one) shines especially bright among them. A shout-out of gratitude to the Three Kings — a hearty trio of backcountry explorers (known by mere non-LP mortals…

  • The Hunt for 26W03

    The Hunt for 26W03

    “Climbing Up on Salisbury Hill …” Some time ago, the idea of exploring the old Salisbury Trail — last seen fading into obscurity on the 1988 quadrangles — was bandied about by a small crew of USFS volunteer wilderness rangers. Lead dog among these proceedings was Mark Subbotin, who in recent years has really led…