Month: June 2013

  • Fox Canyon Part I: Labor and Legacy

    Fox Canyon Part I: Labor and Legacy

    Regular readers of this obscure little Los Padres blog may recall the exploratory-cum-trail recon in which the RSO, DAW-G, and I took part last New Year’s Eve. It was a little endeavor we dubbed Project Meriadoc, and it was a supremely satisfying day of bloodletting, brush-busting, and — naturally — a few pints. At the…

  • Divide Peak

    Divide Peak

    On Memorial Weekend 2013, the RSO and Perry in the Morning and I opted for a less-lazy-than-average Sunday stroll. Some traditions come and go or are met with exceptions, but for the past few years I’ve managed some pretty good treks on this weekend (usually with both the RSO and DAW-G and the uber-hund). This…