Month: April 2013

  • Chumash Annual VIII

    Chumash Annual VIII

    A Family Affair I’ve made no secret of my love for what is now the Chumash Wilderness, and many a post on this site has sung the praises of that stretch of the Los Padres. It was the stretch where I cut my own teeth, where the uber-hund and I perfected her trail manners, and…

  • Segue: Kings Canyon

    Segue: Kings Canyon

    No “Might”s about It … This past Spring Break, whilst his big sister was touring Philadelphia, Colonial Williamsburg, and Washington DC, Trailmaster Cobra was eager for his own “big trip.” Having recently lost my job and with the missus synched to the school’s schedule, it was that rare week where we actually had. The. Time.…

  • Murietta Mosey

    Murietta Mosey

    How One McDoofus Move Can Change Your Entire St. Patrick’s Day: A Cautionary Tale Over the years, the RSO and I have made a habit of taking a half-day hike somewhere on the LPNF on St. Patrick’s Day. (See “Now is the Spring of Our Discontent” for St. Paddy’s 2011.) The trick to these sojourns…