Old School Signage: Romero/Blue Canyon/Juncal

So sweet.

Romero Blue Juncal Billiard Matilija


4 responses to “Old School Signage: Romero/Blue Canyon/Juncal”

  1. Coyote Dave Avatar
    Coyote Dave

    Interesting how the arrows are all pointing in the same direction. If I had to guess, that sign was posted on the big oak tree next to the table at Cottam Camp.

  2. Coyote Dave Avatar
    Coyote Dave

    Also, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Billards Flat. Any 411 on it?

    1. Dave, a few of us were just having a similar conversation on the Condor Trail’s facebook page, so this is timely.

      Billiard Flat is the area just east (upstream) of Lake Jameson. Apparently there were/are large spherical boulders on the flat, giving it the look of a large billiard table (I prefer “Snooker Meadow,” but it wasn’t up to me). And we agree; this sign was likely at Cottam.

      See you out there!

  3. This sign still has some shine to it I wonder what happened to the Juncal part though.

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