Old School :: Pre-1936 Signage

With credit to Nico/Clan Bobroff for the image, and to Jack for the lead-in.


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  1. Yeaaah. Nice piece. Look at that. Wow.

  2. Where was that taken from? Mission Pine Basin? Bluff?

  3. @BC, as much as I’d like to play all cryptic, this was taken in the San Bernardino NF. A recent addition to someone’s private collection of porcelain signs. Wouldn’t this have been the most epic of finds in the field?

  4. … but I would guess along the Big Pine/Buckhorn Road, somewhere north of Bluff. Maybe at Alamar GS? If so, it’s a possible there was a companion to it facing the other direction, pointing to all things 180 (Cuyama, Santa Barbara Cyn, etc.). The mind boggles.

  5. From San Bernardino and recent? That sign is in pristine condition. Would be nice to gather all these signs and get them into some sort of museum or something.

    I was holding this Where the…..? for another time but seems appropriate for now.
    I got a few other photos of the old SB Nat Forest signs as well. Would be great to share as many of these as possible.

    1. It currently resides in the SBNF, at a private residence. Nico could confirm. I don’t know the details of its acquisition.

      Great “Where’s the”! … I think the only white and green porcelain signs I’ve seen out on the trail were the one at the Pelch junction and the one around the oak at Indian Creek (neé Indian Canyon) camp.

  6. My dad and my uncle wheel and deal in old anitque porcelain signs. Over the last couple of decades, they have become more interested in antique USFS signage of all sorts. Apparently, the old porcelain ones, like this, are very collectible.

    I don’t know the particulars of how my dad came across this one (I assure you he didn’t hike out there and get it himself), but my guess would be that he bought it from, or traded for it, with another collector.

    I know my dad has at least one other porcelain Santa Barbara National Forest Sign from the same era (same color pattern, etc) that simply says “Pine Ridge”. I’m not sure whether he or my uncle have any others in their collection this group would be interested in. I’ll ask my dad and see what I can find out.

    Interestingly, another good family friend has a similarly styled sign (same era, coloring, etc. again) from the Sequoia National Forest haning on the cabin in his private inholding in the Sierras. He found it buried in the dirt a few years back while re-establishing a historic stock trail that had been lost to the wilds.

  7. So how much could one of these antique signs go for Nico?

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