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  • 11 Degrees of Service

    11 Degrees of Service

    Late last year, I stood in the back of a local elementary school cafeteria during a Cub Scout meeting. The different dens (organized by school grade, first through fifth) were taking turns telling the other Scouts and parents in attendance what their dens had been up to that past month. Trip to the fire station,…

  • Sespe Sundays

    Sespe Sundays

    Last April, I spent a great 3 days out at Sespe Hot Springs with an intrepid crew of Los Padres luminaries. But this April has been a bit mellower — and the miles fewer — as schedules, water scarcity, and an aging pack all combined to make lazy afternoons creekside a pretty viable option. And so…

  • When Lion Roars

    When Lion Roars

    I’d been up Lion Canyon just a few weeks prior, looking for a Depression-era diversion dam that I believed had been used to supply water to the old CCC camp at Piedra Blanca (aka Lion Camp). And on that day the cobble-strewn creek had been a dry, sorry affair. (You know, like nearly the entire…

  • Sespe at Spring

    Sespe at Spring

    When the vernal equinox ticked over late last April, a hearty crew of backcountry wanderers were bedded down amongst the palm trees and cobbles of Hot Springs Canyon, deep in the Sespe Wilderness. It seemed appropriate that spring should, in fact, begin at the Springs. The Expat Returns, Very Late Winter 2014 My first visit…

  • The Ebook Has Landed

    The Ebook Has Landed

    At long last, the ebook editions of Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara and Ventura have arrived. Kindle and Nook editions are out now at deep discounts! I’m especially pleased the interior photos are full-color.

  • Series 22 West

    Series 22 West

    “Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause …” And westward we march, now amongst the trails of Range 22 West. These routes tend to concentrate in the Chumash Wilderness or the Ojai/Rose Valley area, either side of Nordhoff Ridge. (Refer to Series 18 West, Series 19 West, Series 20 West,…