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  • Far East Camino Exploratory

    Far East Camino Exploratory

    Some years ago, the Resident Science Officer and I hit upon an idea to spend 40 days and 40 nights in the Los Padres in the Fall of 2013. But you know what? Real life always gets in the way of our crazy plans. So instead, we opted for 3 nights along Kennedy Ridge and…

  • Fox Canyon Part I: Labor and Legacy

    Fox Canyon Part I: Labor and Legacy

    Regular readers of this obscure little Los Padres blog may recall the exploratory-cum-trail recon in which the RSO, DAW-G, and I took part last New Year’s Eve. It was a little endeavor we dubbed Project Meriadoc, and it was a supremely satisfying day of bloodletting, brush-busting, and — naturally — a few pints. At the…