Month: February 2013

  • The Ebook Has Landed

    The Ebook Has Landed

    At long last, the ebook editions of Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara and Ventura have arrived. Kindle and Nook editions are out now at deep discounts! I’m especially pleased the interior photos are full-color.

  • Lazy Sunday: The Pines

    Lazy Sunday: The Pines

    “In the Pines, in the Pines, where the sun don’t ever shine … “ Late last year my buddy Derek over at 100 Peaks guest-blogged a piece for Sport Chalet about getting kids interested in the outdoors. Obviously that’s not really an issue for Clan Carey, but it did make me ponder my own approach…

  • Old School Signage: Alamar Canyon, ~1931

    Old School Signage: Alamar Canyon, ~1931

    Another from the LPNF Archives, and one I’ve shared previously on the Condor Trail‘s Facebook page. Image courtesy LPNF Archives The hand-written note on the back reads only “Alamar Canyon,” rendering the exact “where” of this specific junction a bit hazy. The upper enamel sign is easy enough to read, and initially lead me to…

  • Condor Call February/March 2013

    Condor Call February/March 2013

    Cuyama Peak Lookout, 1934–2012 The current issue of the Sierra Club’s Condor Call carries a short article about the Cuyama Peak Lookout tower I wrote for the regular “Soaring the Los Padres” column. Every other month, this column details the great work being done by the Condor Trail Association and some of the features along…