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  • Of Pines, Water, and Wasting Away

    Of Pines, Water, and Wasting Away

    It was a rag-tag crew that convened at the Horn Canyon trailhead on a recent Friday afternoon; dads just off work and kids and allies all ready to end the week with some fine time in a fine corner of the southern Los Padres. There have been plenty of quick trips into the backwood of…

  • Return to the Pines

    Return to the Pines

    “My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me Tell me, where did you sleep last night?” In the winter of 2013 (you know, back when this stretch of the Los Padres still received on occasion this thing we once called “precipitation”), Trailmaster Cobra, the Cubmaster, and Bardlero Primero and I enjoyed a day trip to…

  • Lazy Sunday: The Pines

    Lazy Sunday: The Pines

    “In the Pines, in the Pines, where the sun don’t ever shine … “ Late last year my buddy Derek over at 100 Peaks guest-blogged a piece for Sport Chalet about getting kids interested in the outdoors. Obviously that’s not really an issue for Clan Carey, but it did make me ponder my own approach…