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  • Return to Cuyama Peak

    Return to Cuyama Peak

    Some time ago, I posted a short history of the Cuyama Peak lookout. Since then, I’ve visited the site a few more times after its 2011/2012 collapse and also uncovered some additional historical images of the old lookout. Madeye Bags Cuyama Peak, Fall 2013. Hauling I-beams to the Peak, 1934. Image courtesy LPNF Archives. Madeye…

  • Condor Call February/March 2013

    Condor Call February/March 2013

    Cuyama Peak Lookout, 1934–2012 The current issue of the Sierra Club’s Condor Call carries a short article about the Cuyama Peak Lookout tower I wrote for the regular “Soaring the Los Padres” column. Every other month, this column details the great work being done by the Condor Trail Association and some of the features along…