Month: May 2013

  • Alder Creek Worktrip

    Alder Creek Worktrip

    A Cut Above In late April of this year, I received an email from the Ojai RD that a small crew was being assembled to slay some downed trees along the Alder Creek Trail in the Sespe Wilderness. It was admittedly a long-shot for most of the prospective volunteers … a three-day mid-week sojourn via…

  • Diamond in the Rough: Agua Escondido

    Diamond in the Rough: Agua Escondido

    Hidden Water, Hidden Camp In something of a segue for me, a few weeks ago I found myself along a contested stretch of San Luis Obispo County road in Huasna Valley. That’s right, the Santa Lucia RD, wherein I spend very little time. There are two abandoned USFS campgrounds along this route, one of which…