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Beard Bundle

Bundle_2015This isn’t some smooth-chinned “Black Friday” … it’s Beard Friday, and we’ve got your deep discount right here!

And Beard Friday — like any good beard — is much longer than your regular “here today, gone on Saturday”-type Friday. Oh yes indeed. So from now into perpetuity, the Dungeons of Maptitude offer … the Beard Bundle!

The Bundle is everything you or that wanderer of the wood on your gift list needs to navigate the southern Los Padres:

Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara and Ventura Revised First Edition (2014; MSRP US$18.95)
Bryan Conant’s San Rafael Wilderness Map (2015; MSRP US$10.95)
Bryan Conant’s Matilija and Dick Smith Wilderness Map (2013; MSRP US$10.95)
Tom Harrison’s Sespe Wilderness Map (2017; MSRP US$10.95)

All for $35 and free shipping — that’s more than $50 worth of Los Padres goodness and free shipping for a crazy price even a penny-pinching Caledonian can get behind!

Be sure to download the most recent Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara and Ventura errata and addenda here, and you can read my reviews of Conant’s 2015 San Raf map, Harrison’s 2014 Sespe map, and Conant’s 2013 Matilija/Dick Smith map herehere, and here, respectively.


7 Responses to Beard Bundle

  1. CW says:

    I would love to have “the Beard Bundle” in hand by March 28 to plan a trip leaving March 30… Say this is possible (if it is) and I’ll order right away!

    • craig says:

      Absolutely possible. Bundle would ship today or tomorrow, and are shipped via USPS Priority, meaning you’d have it by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Thx CW!

      • CW says:

        Appreciate it — I jumped the gun and rushed to REI to get Harrison’s 2012 map when I couldn’t find it online anywhere… will pick up the book at B&N today… now tracking down the other two maps! Already enjoying reading some of the articles posted. So glad I stumbled on your website — what a great resource!

  2. Tommy says:

    Alas, a plethora of great info at a parsimonious price!

    Mr. Carey, thank you again and I look forward to replacing my lost Sespe Map.
    I’ll explain the horrible contact email address in detail if it piques your interest.

  3. Ed Defty says:

    investigating a trip for next weekend, can this get to a local Ventura County address in a day or two if I order tonight or tomorrow (post office closed tomorrow for MLK Day anyway)?

  4. Emily Guerin says:

    Is the beard bundle still available?

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