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Old School Signage: Romero/Blue Canyon/Juncal

So sweet.

Romero Blue Juncal Billiard Matilija

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4 Responses to Old School Signage: Romero/Blue Canyon/Juncal

  1. Coyote Dave says:

    Interesting how the arrows are all pointing in the same direction. If I had to guess, that sign was posted on the big oak tree next to the table at Cottam Camp.

  2. Coyote Dave says:

    Also, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Billards Flat. Any 411 on it?

    • craig says:

      Dave, a few of us were just having a similar conversation on the Condor Trail’s facebook page, so this is timely.

      Billiard Flat is the area just east (upstream) of Lake Jameson. Apparently there were/are large spherical boulders on the flat, giving it the look of a large billiard table (I prefer “Snooker Meadow,” but it wasn’t up to me). And we agree; this sign was likely at Cottam.

      See you out there!

  3. This sign still has some shine to it I wonder what happened to the Juncal part though.

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